Rotating a View Object

To rotate the object that is being done, we can use use a mouse, by press and hold the middle mouse button, then drag.
or use the View Rotate Dialog
Select View > Operations > Rotate.
Select one option Fixed Axis.
Move the cursor rotation to the view that we want.
Pull the saw while you press and hold MB1. When we draw, look revolves around a particular axis and the scroll bar on the View Rotate dialog displays the values ​​corresponding to the rotation.
Rotating About an Alternative Center Rotation
When rotating the display using the mouse, the system usually rotates the view about the center. we can also determine the center of rotation relative to the model. Use this feature to rotate about the destination or the position of the screen that may not be near the center of the display.
To lead all rotations in the display to be done about a specific location on or relative to the model:
Choose 'Play Set Point' from the pop-View.
Define "play points" with the position of the screen or snap point. This system shows the location of the point bold play with a plus sign.
Because the system defines the swivel point relative to the model, moving around a point with a model as we pan.
Turning point applies only to look at where we define it. we can determine the point of a different play for each view. The system maintains each display point in playing per session.
Rotate the point set remains in effect until removed.
Alternative Clearing Center Rotation
To remove the center of rotation: With the cursor in the desired view, select Clear Play Point from the pop-View. This clears the point of turning to the selected view.

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