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View Distance dimension

Unigraphics 3D displays the minimum distance as the Ruler labeled with the value.
The software also includes additional information in the Information window.
This includes 2D relative distances, the coordinates of the closest point on each object, and absolute distance delta
and WCS coordinates.

Distance Options
To access the Distance selection options, use Distance Analysis

The following toolbar will appear:
Distance Toolbar
The system asks us to choose the object to be measured length or distance.
When using the Analysis → Distance between two areas of datum,
the returned value will be zero if the planes are not parallel.

The next two options on the toolbar Distance deemed Point or a Point or Two Objects and Object.
Use this option to identify the start and end points which we will measure the distance.
One point or object, and Point or Two Objects
Select starting point or the first object to measure the distance.
Select the second point or object.

Continue by selecting the object to start a new measurement.
Select 3 or objects starting point to begin a new measurement
Select this option to measure 3D distances.
Select the object we start measuring the distance, when we move the cursor to select the second point, drawing a ruler appears.


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