surface extensions

This option allows us to make the tangential, normal to the surface, angled or circular sheets lextension controlled from the existing base sheet.
In certain cases when the underlying surface is the surface-face basis B, the extension body is represented by a surface-B. But often, the extension body is still approximate. For example, angled and normal to the surface extensions are always approximate.
To make the extension bodies, choose from one of the following options:

Allows us to make bodies that intersect with the edge, face, or corner.
Normal to surface
Allows us to make a normal extension to the face along the curve in the face.

Allows us to make the bodies at a certain angle to the extension of the existing face to face along the curve.
Allows us to create a circular extension from the edge of the smooth surface. extension to follow the radius of curvature along the edge selected.

Extension is estimated using the tolerance specified distance in Modeling Preferences dialog.
Each option extension creation there are some basic steps:
The first time we choose the face that there is a base face. This is the face extension body "extends."
we also choose an existing object such as base curve, edge, or in the case of corner extensions, angle. This sets the base sheet face intersection with the extension body. When we select the edge or corner, we must determine the point on the surface near the desired object. This point is used to determine the edges or corners to be extended.
Various vector direction is also displayed to help us determine the direction of bodies, or angle for bodies.
It is possible to make extensions of self-intersecting (ie the cut itself).
For example, we can make the normal to the surface long extension on the concave side of a curved face, which will intersect itself. It is recommended that you visually check the face for this condition.


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