Creating a Shell Feature

Here we will use the Shell feature to define a structure that had formed.
Use the Shell to hollow out a solid body, or to create a shell,
using the values ​​that we have set for the thickness of the walls.
We can define the thickness of the individual to face and the faces.
You can select more than one face to be removed.

Step - a step we have to do is:
A. Open the file that will be our shell.
2. Run the Modeling application.
3. Check the section we are going to shell.
4. Create shell features and remove the right face.
5. Select the icon of Operation Shell Features toolbar,
Insert> Offset / Scale> Shell)
Enter the thickness of 0.5mm.
6. Select the face to be deleted.
7. Select OK.

Use this selection step to select the faces you want to remove from the shelled body.
You can select more than one face to remove.

Select the solid body for the shell.
The normal of the face shell you select Determines the offset direction. If there is only a single solid in your part,
it is automatically selected.

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