Unigraphics NX

Unigraphics NX is a system of interactive Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Manufacturing, and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD / CAM / CAE).
CAD automate engineering functions, design, and assembling capabilities which are now found in many manufacturing companies.
CAM functions provide NC programming for modern machine tools using NX design model for the complete picture.
Function CAE provides a number of products, assembly, and ability to perform the simulation, in various engineering disciplines.
Unigraphics NX functions are divided into "application" of general ability. The application is supported by an application called NX Gateway prerequisite.
Each user must have the NX Gateway, but other applications are optional and can be configured to meet the needs of each individual.
Unigraphics NX is, fully three-dimensional double-precision system that allows us to accurately describe almost any geometric shape.
By combining these shapes, we can design, analyze, and create an image of our products.
After design completion, application manufacturers allows us to choose the geometry that describes a part,
enter the manufacturing information such as cutter diameter, and automatically generate cutter location file (CLSF) which can be used to drive the NC.

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